Our first week found us starting at chapter 99…

Schedule Time for Your Inner Work

So how did you do? I did pretty well! I started each day with a nice long walk. I took the dogs and we explored the fields and woods that surround our home. I listened to the birds singing, observed the leaves growing from buds on tree branches, paused to look at the blooming spring flowers, and this morning I caught the gobble of a turkey calling to his lady friends for a little morning “rendezvous”. During these walks I plan my day and think about what is important; to me, to my family and to the Don’t Sweat Adventure. With a refreshed and clear mind I’m ready to start the day. Even with several businesses to run, employee issues, bills to pay, etc., and the upcoming back surgery scheduled for this Friday for my 32 year old daughter, I remind myself to stay centered on what is most important; what I can let go of.  How my inner peace and ways of dealing with the little things will translate to those around me.

I hope that you also started a routine of scheduling some time for you and that you are now ready to move on. Please share what progress you made and what hills you have left to climb. 

CHAPTER ONE (I told you we’d come back to the beginning)

. . . . . is the introduction to the Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff philosophy. This is where Richard Carlson lays the groundwork for helping us choose the little things that we can let go of so that we don’t lose our focus on the magic and beauty of life. Once again he looks for your commitment to working toward this goal!  



Mr. Carlson writes, “The need for perfection and the desire for inner tranquility CONFLICT with each other.”

Let’s read that statement again, and this time, pause for a few moments and let it sink in.

“The need for perfection and the desire for inner tranquility CONFLICT with each other.”

Perhaps you are the type of person that requires perfect order to everything; your home, your children, your job, your clothing, your appearance, on and on. This uses a lot of energy and creates unnecessary stress, because everything cannot be perfect.  Regardless of what you see on TV, read in a magazine, or how you think life should be, but isn’t; don’t confuse marketing genius with reality. Instead of fussing about all the things that you perceive “need to be perfect”, or focusing on all the things that are wrong in  your life, chose instead to put your energy on what will bring you closer to your goal of stressing less and enjoying life more.

Or, maybe you’re the type of person who has a difficult time “getting her act together.” That too can put a level of stress and depression on your psyche. Maybe you feel that you’ll never measure up, so why bother? Maybe you unknowingly sabotage your inner peace and self-worth with how imperfect you see yourself. So you’re not perfect – so what?

Either way, each of us must decide for ourselves which thing(s) we need to do perfectly and which things we can simply do well.
                                           BJ Gallaher – Oil for Your Lamp

It’s time to take the heat off and enjoy what you have, right now, at this time in your life and leave the dishes in the sink!


Let go of one thing! Just one thing and maybe more will follow.

Here are some suggestions, but before you attempt any of these, take a deep breath, exhale, and learn to count to ten ….S L O W L Y.

1)    Go to the supermarket, bank or work without your makeup on.

2)    Don’t make the bed and don’t look back.

3)    Let someone else fold the laundry, or better yet, let someone else do the laundry and just be thankful that you have clean undies!

4)    Let someone else grocery shop and don’t say a word, not a word, if they buy the wrong toilet paper, cereal or juice! Smile and say thank you!

5)    Leave the kids with the grandparents and don’t stress over what they allow them to do when you aren’t around. Spoiling a child with love (or candy) never hurts either of them. This is their time, not yours.

6)    Don’t do your child’s homework assignment. You can check to see that it’s finished, but don’t be tempted to put your personal touches to it.

7)    Don’t look in the mirror and criticize what you see.

8)    Don’t look at others and criticize what you see.

9)    Don’t finish another person’s sentence. They know what they want to say even if you think that you know what they want to say before they do.

10) Don’t envy.

Okay that should do it. This will be an interesting week and this is just the beginning of a real learning experience for us all!

Keep good thoughts in your head, say please and thank you. Tip the lousy server and smile (he or she might be having a bad day) and remember Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff!

Stress Less,





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