Relax. . . Don’t get alarmed, this post has nothing to do with exercise of the body, but exercise for your mind…so you don’t need to break out in a sweat.

Soon I will be adding a new adventure to the Universalwomen blog and we’ll explore together how to manage our reactions to the small stuff in life, while learning new techniques to STRESS LESS.

Stay tuned if you are up for an adventure that will really impact how you relate to your family, friends, strangers, and life in general and adopt the Don’t Sweat philosophy!

There will be opportunities to respond on this blog and follow along on Twitter or Hootsuite. Whatever avenue you choose, you will come out a winner!

All my best,




If we do not change our direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed.

~ Ancient Chinese Proverb

Well that certainly struck a chord of truth for me, as I ask myself, “Where are you headed?”  I started this blog almost two years ago, connected with a few women here and abroad, but never really plotted my course, or challenged myself to do more, be more, interact more. I didn’t connect with my readers to come on board. The Quest has been drifting for a year without a post, a thought, or her ship’s captain. She has no mates, no ports of call, nor vision. But that, my friends, is about to change. Without direction we may never arrive where we intend, without a course to follow we just drift with the tides and currents.

I’ve been thinking that it’s time to change direction and energize the blog with a fresh new idea. I’ve been educating myself on the uses of social media, re-examining my vision and looking deep into my desires to determine what I actually want for an outcome.

In the next few blogs, I will reveal the new course; the Quest’s new destination and the challenge ahead for myself and my readers. I will boldly step out and seek your input, your triumphs, joys and struggles. My goal is to engage your brain and actions in living a life less stressed, more thoughtful and more present.

I’m back and I hope you’re with me!

Barb Roberts, AKA Dreama

MUSIC The international language

Two Christmases ago, Dreama’s son asked her what she wanted as a present from him. Now she would much prefer that he come up with something on his own, but nevertheless, it was almost Christmas Eve and she felt it better to just give him a few suggestions so he could get on with the dreaded shopping.

“I’d like a strap for my guitar and a voice recorder” she replied. For Dreama this would be the beginning of finally being able to record her music as she was writing it and fooling around with the melodies. Without such a recorder, many tunes and chords would vanish from her memory and be lost forever, because you see, Dreama cannot read or write music. Everything she has done up until now is self-taught and memorized.

Christmas day arrives and of course she received a beautiful guitar strap complete with a cross and dove engraved in the leather, and the precious voice recorder! Now she’s able to sing, record, erase, re-record and capture forever her original works, before they fade over night!

A simple gift yes, but oh the possibilities. Dreama is now in the process of recording her first CD and turning a dream into a reality!

What goals are you pursuing and is there someone special helping you get there?


Bounty for the boys!

Two years ago Barb (AKA Dreama) and her friends founded Hunts for Healing. Our mission is to financially sponsor wounded military men and women from OIF/OEF, so they can participate in outdoor events. This photo was taken at Ringneck Ridge hunting preserve where we hosted several wounded heroes at a Spring gobbler hunt.  Our warriors and their mentors had a great day!

To learn more about Hunts for Healing please visit:

Dreama is just now starting to realize her dreams. Her biggest dream is to get this blog off the ground and to pursue her passion for writing, singing and song writing.

Grab a cup of coffee, tea, or juice (it’s too early for wine or is it?) and just sit and dream. Visualize your life as you would have it. What are you dreaming of?


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