As the Quest continues her voyage,  I am finding myself in uncharted waters. It is only now, at this time in my life, am I consenting to walk through doors that I would normally have been too frightened to see what was on the other side. But now I can see that I have been being prepared; prepared to develop my talents and skills and am now ready to take the risk and expose the real me to the world.

I’ve prayed and listened. I’ve searched and written. I’ve practiced over and over and over. It’s been a process. It’s been a personal goal, and as I’ve heard it said, “If the mountain were smooth, you couldn’t climb it.” Well put, unknown author! Among my blessings, I count the mountains that need to be climbed. I’m happy that there have been hills and valleys in my life and some smoothing sailing along the way, but without the hills, without the challenge of the mountains, I wouldn’t have climbed.

So Chapter II unfolds and each day is a step up the mountain, doing the things that fulfill and make a difference in my life, and perhaps in the lives of others as well. Some days the music just flows and I can’t write fast enough. Some days, I just sit and hum and strum the guitar, but all the while the music plays in my head. The music flows from the master composer Himself, and reaches the ear of His servant.

Talents are a gift to be shared. They are to be honed and polished as fine silver and counted among your riches. Whatever talent you possess, share it. You may not be able to sing or write, cook or grow a garden, but you may be a good listener. You may possess a healing touch, and you just may be the volunteer driver taking an ill person for medical care.

Go through that door and see where your talents lead you! Go climb that mountain; the view is incredible!

With the talents of my co-singer, Mary Baker and musician, Stephen Perrillo, here is my local TV debut:

Happy New Year,



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